Webinar: Transition to Digital Impressions


Transitioning to Digital Impressions - Streamline your workflow and operations.

  • 60 min

What you'll learn in this seminar:

  • What to look for (and NOT to look for) in a scanner
  • How to work with a lab when using digital impressions
  • Demonstration of the AMS Intraoral Scanner solution

Why dentists should go digital:

  • Digital impressions eliminates 99% of remakes
  • Improves the patient experience
  • Speeds the process to get a finished prosthetic
  • Allows for easy modification once any prep has been done - just rescan the modified area
  • Allows for easy margin marking
  • Sets up the practice for chairside milling

All attendees receive $500 off an AMS intraoral scanner
Check out our lab services - buy one crown and get a second at half price – standard crown is $109.00
Ask about our introductory specials
Let us introduce you to our local lab in your area.


COO, The AmericaSmiles Network

John Von Thaden

Customer Support Technician, ProDigital Dental

Ian Hadley

This event has passed. Stay tuned for any of our upcoming events.

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