Webinar: Single Visit Restorations

LIVE WEBINAR | December 7, 2022 6:30PM CST

Setting up your practice for single-visit restorations.

  • 60 min

What you'll learn in this seminar:

  • The differences between Wet and Dry Mills in terms of products
  • The requirements for in-house milling
  • How to work with a local lab to secure design services
  • All about the Aidite CMW-400 chairside wet mill and how it can transform your practice

It's all about the patient:

It's simple, more and more patients are demanding single-appointment dentistry.

  • 85% of patients would prefer same-visit dentistry
  • 50% would pay more to receive a restoration in one appointment
  • 67% would travel farther
  • Two out of three would change dentists to book a single-visit appointment
  • Same-visit crowns are the No. 1 patient-requested dental technology


COO, The AmericaSmiles Network

John Von Thaden

Milling Equipment Technician, Aidite

Duff Wilson

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